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Real Estate: Townhouses for Sale, Tips and Benefits.

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  • Jan 24, 2020

Townhouses for SaleEthics If you decide to build or do a townhouse business, there are some things that you must agree on the shape of the land, the size or dimensions of the land, land certification, clean and clear about the boundaries and physical properties of the land for the townhouse for sale.

Land Shape

The land shape determines the effectiveness of the division of plot for Townhouse for sale. Where squares or squares of land are more effective when compared to irregular shapes of soil. On land that forms squares, you can minimize wasted land so the product selling price can be cheaper. While on land that is irregularly made, there is a lot of lands that are stretched, so that accents on prices because of the land carried by an effective plot. Land size also determines the level of effectiveness of land use. Where the best land size island that can be designed 2 lines that are interconnected and in the middle is built with a size of about 6 meters. With the two rows of houses facing each other, the price of land that must be provided for the road is borne by more effective plots. This condition can reduce the selling price significantly. For medium-sized houses, the minimum width of land is 26 meters, so a house with a 10-meter plot can be interconnected and the road is 6 meters in the middle. The length of the land to the back is not very important, because it only determines the number of units that can be built.

The land is already certified

Another requirement, good land to build a townhouse for sale is that the land is ready, and can be quickly managed by a permit. Because one of the requirements for approval of a permit is a land certificate. Land that has not yet been approved is not a problem you buy, it’s just that the land must be certified first before being taken care of its licensing. The risk is that extra costs and time are needed before a townhouse can be sold and built. Another advantage of approved land is the greater convenience in the sales unit because buyers are better off buying an approved home, in addition to consumers it is also easy to get financial assistance.

Land boundaries clear

You need to know the clear boundaries of the land before buying the land requested does not cause problems later on. You have to see the boundary markers directly, witnessed by the landowner next door. Not just by looking, it would be great before signing the deed of sale and purchase you ask permission of the landowner about the boundaries of the signed land. Also, the importance of boundary markers is to see the suitability of the physical land with what is stated in the certificate. If there is an area difference, a formal official from BPN must be re-measured and bought the area of land that will be used as the basis for the transaction of the land area as a result of the examination of the BPN officer. Many benefits for residents if they live in a townhouse, including effectiveness. Because in general, the location of townhouses is in the middle of the city which is close to where they are active so they are free from traffic. Also, residents of a townhouse are guaranteed security because the townhouse complex is generally designed with a single gate system for entry and exit. Thus, anyone who enters and exits the townhouse must be known because the gate is provided by a security guard at the gate. Not only for cleanliness a separate office is also provided who is paid every month so that the cleanliness and safety matters stay in the townhouse. Furthermore, living in a townhouse is also more comfortable because it is not too crowded because in general a townhouse complex consists of only a few units, can be 10 units or at most 30 units of the house in each townhouse for sale.

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